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Como elaborar e formalizar um acordo ou termo aditivo

How to elaborate and formalize an agreement

An agreement arises from the interest of a teacher, research group or deparment, on the one side, and of an international institution, on the other. A justification letter presenting the interest in settling up the agreement should be presented to the ICO.

On a general basis, the terms of the agreements follow a standard format, available at this website link.  However, agreements suggested by the foreign institution may also be accepted, if approved by the deparments concerned.

Besides the justification letter, two originals of the terms of the agreement, already filled in with the foreign institution data, should be presented at the ICO, both in Portuguese and in the foreign institution official language.


How to elaborate and formalize an ammendment

An ammendment is the result of an additional interest to an existing agreement. Similarly to the standard agreements, it is originated by the need and reciprocal interest between specific areas of the two institutions concerned. The ammendment adds, establishes and/or regulates matters not foreseen by the main agreement.

A justification letter explaining the need for an ammendment should be presented.

Templates of ammendments are available at this link.