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Academic Calendar - 1/2015


Dates  Activities
 February 23 and 24

Days scheduled for students arrival who enrolled in the

Portuguese for Foreigners Intensive Course

 February 23rd to March 6th

Portuguese for Foreigners Intensive Course

Group 1: monday to friday, 10AM to 12PM

Group 2: monday to friday, 1PM to 3PM  

 February 23rd to March 20th Enrollment period
 March 4th Orientation Day for Exchange Students
 March 9th Beginning of the classes
 March 9th to July 17th Academic Semester
 March 9th to July 17th

Portuguese for Foreigners Regular Course

Group 1: tuesdays and thursdays, 11AM to 1PM

Group 2: tuesdays and thursdays, 2PM to 4PM 



Grading System

Grading system explanation