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Exchange Program - Incoming Students


The application procedure is totaly on line. It is not necessary to send anything by mail post.

Foreign students must come to UFF with healthy insurance and a student visa, wich is obtained with the acceptance letter the student will receive after being accepted by the coordination courses at UFF.

Students that are enrolled in a foreign university and are interested in applying for 1 or 2 semesters at UFF as exchange students, should get in touch with their university first, in order to know more about the internal application procedure concerning the exchange. After getting this information, it is important to verify if UFF has the courses that are compatible with your academic interests. UFF receives under graduation or post-graduation students (master and PhD)

After you register yourself in the incoming students site, you will receive a confirmation link in your e-mail to conclude your registry (verify your spam box)

1. Under Graduation Students (except for medical students)
Access the list of our courses on the following website: Graduation Courses
For further information about the courses, please access the website of our Pro Rectory :

After getting the information, you should get in touch with your academic coordinator of your institution in order to elaborate your
study plan, which should contain the disciplines that you would like to attend at UFF. Your study plan is important for the approval at UFF.

After this, fill in the online form on the website below. It should be signed  by the academic and institutional coordinators of your home university.

The following documents need to be attached:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Transcript of Records
  • Presentation letter
  • A professor recommendation letter (optional)
  • A declaration of your portuguese knowledge issued by your home institution or a language school

After the student has filled in the form, it should be printed out and signed by the academic and institutional coordinators and be uploaded on the specific tool.

2. Medical students:
Students that are applying for a course in medicine should be able to do or already be doing a medical internship (Internato Médico).
The medical internship should be supervised full time. If there are no further restrictions by your home university, it can be done in any medical area.
The goals of this internship are:
a.      To maintain medical support in the related areas
b.      To understand the activities of the specific area, either chosen on your own or by the criteria of your home university, and to understand the integration and correlation of the medical service.
c.      To execute emergency services in the specific area.
The student should stay for a minimum of 1 month in each especiality to a maximum of 1 year, depending on the criteria of the home university.

The application should be done, at least, 3 months before the arrival of the student in Niteroi.

Application form for medical under graduation students

The form for medical students is available all year long

3. Post-graduation Students (Master or PhD)
Foreign students that would like to attend a master or PhD course for a period of time at UFF, should be already attending a compatible course at their home university. The Student has to stay for a minimum of 3 months. The maximum period is 12 months.

Before the student fill in the form to apply, it is necessary to contact an academic advisor of the chosen program at UFF in order to elaborate a acceptance letter that must be in upload on the online form.

For further information about the post-graduation courses ´stricto sensu´ contact the home page of  the Pro Rectory of Post-graduation at:

Application form for Post Graduation students