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According to the University’s cooperation policy, international exchange of its staff (including professors, professionals and students) is highly valued. Therefore, in order to facilitate cooperation agreements, UFF makes an International Cooperation Office (ICO), formed by the following staff, available to its academic community:

Profª Livia Maria de Freitas Reis
International relations Director 
Adriana Milward de Andrade Maciel
Mobility and Project Coordinator
Director subistitute 
Renata Mancini
International Cooperation Coordinator

Outgoing Division

Neuziane de Araújo Cardoso
Outgoing Mobility
Beatriz Alvarenga
Outgoing Mobility
Gabriela Brandão
Ingoing Mobility

Coordinator Division

Katia Machado
Geishie Quintanilha
Lucia Helena Venâncio


Gil Guilherme

Ingoing Mobility
Gisele Barros
Ingoing Mobility
Helena Weber
Outgoing Mobility
Luiza Torviso
Outgoing Mobility
Thaís Silva
Outgoing Mobility
Hugo Ribas
Outgoing Mobility
Daniel Mascarenha