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UFF Buddy

What is it?
The assistance for international students linked to the International Mobility Program aims to promote the integration of such students with UFF and its students. The assistance, provided by a UFF student, is a volunteering activity and consists of a rich experience of cultural exchange. Besides, it is a great contribution not only to the development of the International Mobility Program, but also to the students´ personal development. The buddies are responsible for assisting the foreign students upon their arrival in Brazil, helping them with whatever they need. At the end of the assistance period and after the submission of the final report, participation certificates shall be granted to those who fulfilled their responsibilities related to the Program.

How to participate
It is a volunteering activity to which every student regularly registered at UFF may apply. Both UFF´s and international students´ preferences shall be taken into consideration, as described in the application forms. The International Cooperation Office will make an effort to conciliate the interests of both parties.
International students who wish to receive this assistance must indicate it on their application form for the exchange program.