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Universidade Federal Fluminense - UFF




About UFF
Founded on December 18th 1960, Universidade Federal Fluminense – UFF – is one of the largest universities in Brazil, and has been experiencing a huge growth in the number of undergraduate and post-graduate courses, as well as in research and extension activities. It provides around 100 undergraduate courses (classroom teaching and distance learning), more than 50 MA and 30 Doctorate programs. In addition, more than 150 diploma courses. Deeply involved in teaching and research activities, UFF counts on approximately 560 research groups registered at CNPq (Brazillian National Council for Research).  Still in the academic arena, the university offers to its students scientific initiation, innovation, monitoring and internship.
By means of its International Cooperation Office, UFF stimulates and promotes exchange and international cooperation activities according to the Institution Internationalization Program and the Academic Mobility Program.
Our University counts on a complex structure of libraries, auditoriums, anphiteaters, bank agencies, cafeterias, a theater, an Arts Center, a movie theater, a publishing house, a Symphony Orchestra and the Antonio Pedro University Hospital (Hospital Universitário Antonio Pedro - Huap), which assumes a social role of great impact in the region, as well as providing our undergraduate and post-graduate students in medical sciences with excellent human and social experiences.
The city of Niterói
The city of Niterói, only 13 km away from the city of Rio de Janeiro, has a population of more than 400.000 inhabitants, who are privileged to enjoy its natural beauty, life quality and high human development rate.  Niterói also houses several public buildings, signed by the famous Brazillian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, which form a pathway along the city shores.